Dakota Geriatrics
A HRSA Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program
Great Plains Consortium

Age-Friendly Care in the Great Plains

Geriatric problems are common but often under recognized in health care. More than 80% of older adults with memory impairment go unrecognized by their primary care providers. Nearly two-thirds of older adults at risk for falls have no mitigating healthcare plan. To address this gap, Age-Friendly Care adopts evidence-based practice through the Geriatric 4Ms: What Matters, Mentation, Medication, and Mobility.

Sponsored by Dakota Geriatrics, this symposium program brought regional experts together to discuss the Geriatric 4Ms in patient care specific for American Indian populations in the Great Plains.

The video presentations and slide decks are from the virtual symposium held on March 30-31, 2021.